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  • Average return of 13.82% per year on invested capital (since 2014)

  • Diversify your investment portfolio

  • Automate your investments with monthly deposits or make one-time-deposits

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How investing in loans works

With SaveLend, you invest in peer-to-peer loans, meaning your investments finance the loans of individuals and companies. Your return on investment consists of the interest the borrowers pay for these loans.

We offer investment opportunities in a wide range of asset classes, from consumer loans, corporate loans, factoring, debt collection portfolios, and more. Choose whether you want to use our default investment settings or customize your own investment strategy; for example, if you only want to invest in a specific type of loan.

For each loan you invest in, you will receive payments to your SaveLend account as the borrower repays their loan. Loans on our platform get repaid in different ways; some borrowers repay their loans monthly, some pay interest on an ongoing basis with a lump sum amortization at the end, while others repay the entire loan when it matures. 

When receiving your repayment, you can choose to either reinvest it automatically using SmartInvest or transfer it to your bank account. If you choose to reinvest your return, you will get compound interest, meaning that you earn interest on both your original investment and your earned return.

Why should I choose SaveLend?

SaveLend gives you a unique opportunity to invest in the increasingly popular peer-2-peer loan market. Getting started takes less than 5 minutes! Our platform offers a wide range of loans and loan types to invest in, from consumer loans to business loans and real estate projects. This provides you with great opportunities to put your capital to work, while maximizing risk diversification. Additionally, it enables you to highly customize your investment portfolio.

  • Choose which asset class you want to invest in, and how much you want to invest in each individual loan
  • Use our recommended settings for your investments or define your own investment criteria
  • Our algorithms automatically invests your money into different loans based on your selected investment settings
  • Reinvest your return in new loans or transfer it to your bank account
  • Your investments help fund growth for businesses and citizens alike
Why you should invest with us!

Who is involved in the process?

From the moment a loan is published for investment on SaveLend’s platform, to the moment investors receive their returns, four parties are involved:

  • Borrower

    A company or an individual in need of financing.
  • Lending company

    Issues a loan to the borrower and then sells the loan to investors on SaveLend's platform.
  • SaveLend

    A digital marketplace for loans.
  • Investors

    Uses SaveLend to invest in loans.

How does it work?

Before an originator can publish loans for investment on the platform, they are first vetted by our strict compliance team. This vetting process ensures that the originator not only has a thorough loan application process based on good lending practices, but that their historic loan portfolio and expected volumes are of high quality.

If the originator meets our strict requirements, they are approved and given the opportunity to publish loans on SaveLend's platform. This is where you, the investor, come into the picture.


From need to investment opportunity The process for peer-to-peer investments consists of these four steps:

  • Need

    A person wants to buy a car, or a property owner wants to renovate an apartment complex. They do not have enough liquid capital to finance their needs, and therefore contact an originator in order to apply for a loan.
  • Loan

    An originator that has been approved by SaveLend, reviews the loan application from the borrower. If the loan application meets the originator's requirements, it is approved and paid out to the borrower.
  • Investment

    The originator publishes the loan on SaveLend's platform. Investors using SaveLend will have the opportunity to invest in these loans.
  • Return

    The borrower repays the originator, who then pays SaveLend's investors. This is how you get your earned return!

We make money when you make money

You earn interest on the loans that you invest in. This interest can be reinvested into new loans, providing you with compound interest. You can also choose to deactivate SmartInvest and transfer your earnings to your bank account.

We charge a performance-based service fee corresponding to 10% of the interest you earn on your investments. This further strengthens our incentive to provide investment opportunities in loans where the borrower is able to repay the loans. This way, our business model means that when you make money - we make money!

How much should you invest?

At SaveLend, we have no required minimum amounts. Rather, we encourage all our investors to invest according to their own abilities! That being said, we have guidelines and recommendations, to help you get as good a start on your investments as possible.

  1. 1
    Minimum investment amount per loan

    With SaveLend, you can easily and conveniently invest with the help of SmartInvest, our automated investment engine.The minimum amount that can be invested in an individual loan on SaveLend's platform is 1 EUR.

  2. 2
    Recommended first deposit: 200 EUR

    A well-balanced portfolio should entail as many loans as possible, preferably at least 100-200. To invest 1 EUR  in 200 loans, 200  EUR  is needed.

    Therefore, we recommend 200 EUR (or more) as a first deposit.

Automate investments with SmartInvest

Our investment engine SmartInvest automatically invests your deposited money into loans based on default or customized settings, such as asset class, country of origin, originator, and maturities. SmartInvest thereby ensures that your capital is automatically reinvested so that your money doesn’t sleep.

SmartInvest helps you:

  • Automatically diversify your portfolio
  • Invest continuously without you having to do anything
  • Make sure your capital is working

How do I deposit money?

To make your first deposit, create a SaveLend account. 

Once you have an account, you can easily deposit money by either making a one-time deposit or investing monthly with automated deposits, where money will be transferred automatically from your bank account each month.

How to save monthly

By using our automated monthly deposits, you can invest any amount you want on a regular basis. In other words - low effort, high reward! Choose:

  • The amount of money you want to invest each month

  • Which day of the month your bank account will be debited

  • Which SaveLend depot you want to automate your deposits to

Create an account for monthly savings

How a one-time deposit works

In addition to our automated deposits, you are, of course, able to easily and conveniently deposit money whenever it suits you. Complete instructions, including your personal OCR, can be found when logged in to your SaveLend account. Then simply log in to your online banking account and fill in:

  • The sum you want to deposit

    Our recommendation is SEK 2,000 as a first deposit.

  • Which day you want to transfer the money to your SaveLend depot

    You can also schedule future transfers.

  • The OCR of the SaveLend depot you want to deposit to

    OCR to your depots can be found in the interface when you log in

Create an account and start saving monthly

Can I withdraw my money?

You are always free to withdraw uninvested money from your SaveLend account to your bank account at any time.

You can also free up invested capital by using our secondary market to sell your investments to other investors for a fee - this enables you to transfer the money to your bank account. You can choose whether you want to reinvest the payments you receive or not by adjusting your SmartInvest settings


Safer investments

Investing money is never without risk. The extent of the risks varies, and depending on the investor, the risk tolerance may differ. Read more about risks related to investments in general and specifically to SaveLend, as well as how they can be managed or mitigated.

Get started in 4 steps

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    Create a SaveLend account
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    Make your first deposit
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    Use our default settings or customize your own investment strategy
  4. 4
    Your money is invested automatically
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