Why you should choose SaveLend

We offer individuals and companies the opportunity to invest in P2P loans. Choose which loan types you want to invest in, which maturities you are interested in, and how much you want to invest. By investing with SaveLend, we help you make sure that your money doesn't sleep.

We help you get closer to financial freedom!

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Our promises

The most important thing for us is that our customers feel satisfied and have confidence in what we do. Our key concepts and what we stand for are summarized in our investor promises:

  • Safer investments!

    Balance your portfolio and spread your risks by investing in several different loan types.

  • Easier investments!

    Use our automated monthly deposits or make one-time deposits.

  • Better investments!

    SaveLend's target return is 7-9%, but since the launch in 2014, our investors have received an average return of 13.82% per year on invested capital.

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SaveLend's historical return

The stability of investing in peer-to-peer investments in general, and SaveLend in particular, compared to other loan types, is clearly shown in the graph below. Remember that historical returns are no guarantee for future returns.


Spread your risks with SaveLend

Investing in loans is the perfect complement to other investments. As with most savings and investments, the rule of thumb is to not put all your eggs in one basket, but instead divide your capital among many different investments. 

By balancing your portfolio, you spread your risks. Therefore, our recommendation is that approximately 20% of your invested capital should be placed in loans to ensure risk diversification. The remaining 80% can be placed in stocks, funds or other asset types. With that being said, everyone should invest according to their own financial situation and abilities.

Our goal is to help our investors earn interest. To achieve this, we use machine learning to distribute investment opportunities among all investors on our platform. This means that if your money is lent out to a lower degree than the average investor on the platform, you will automatically be given priority and have access to more investment opportunities.

Choose what you invest in

Our platform provides investment opportunities in many different loan types in order to offer our investors a smorgasbord of investment opportunities. With the help of our investment algorithm, the money you invest is automatically spread into hundreds of different loans, but you are of course free to  customize your investment strategy and invest only in the loan types you are interested in.

Invest in loan types such as:

  • Factoring

    Invest in invoice factoring.

    • Invest in factoring from creditworthy lending companies 
    • Help companies increase their liquidity and stabilize their cash flow
    • Contribute to a customer-centric and flexible financing solution for companies


  • Company loans

    Company loans for small and medium-sized companies; both start-ups and established businesses.

    • Invest in a wide range of company loans
    • Help entrepreneurs grow and contribute to a positive business climate 
    • Diversify your investment portfolio


  • Debt collection portfolios

    Get interest while helping individuals pay off their debts.

    • Help finance repayments of everything from cell phone plans to debt collection portfolios
    • The portfolios are collected by specialized debt collection companies
    • Risk diversification towards stocks, mutual funds, as well as other P2P loan types


  • Consumer loans

    Invest in consumer loans.

    • Great return for investors
    • Finance the needs of consumers
    • Help finance car loans, consumption loans, and more
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How loans are quality assured

We always strive to ensure that the loans published on our platform are of high quality so that you can feel safe investing with us. Therefore, before a loan can be published as an investment opportunity on our platform, the lending company is submitted to a rigorous vetting process. During this process, we investigate the following: Do they follow good lending practices? What does the application process look like for a loan? What does their business model look like? What does their historical loan portfolio look like? These are just some of the factors that are reviewed to ensure that the lending company meets our strict requirements.

If a lending company is approved, they are given the opportunity to publish their loans on SaveLend's platform. Each loan that is published on the platform has beforehand also gone through the lending company’s own application process to ensure high quality.


Our vision - financial freedom for all

Investments in loans were previously reserved for banks, loan companies, and other large businesses. Knowing that, we asked ourselves: how can we empower regular people and small companies to get the same possibility?

The answer to that question was SaveLend.

By investing with us and becoming a part of SaveLend, you are participating in challenging previously established conventions. Today, everyone can build their own diversified loan portfolio with SaveLend, meaning everyone is one step closer to financial freedom. Therefore, we would like to thank all of you who invest with us; you are helping us change an outdated industry. You make it possible for us to continue our work towards our vision - financial freedom for all!

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