Svensk Kreditförmedling (SKF)

Through our affiliated lending company Svensk Kreditförmedling (SKF), investors on SaveLend's platform get the opportunity to invest in company loans used for corporate acquisitions, housing development, and other property-related investment initiatives.

The minimum investment per loan with SKF is usually 25 000 EUR, but with SaveLend, you join forces with other investors on the platform to reach SKF's minimum investment amount together.

Simply put, it is a great way to get access to high-quality real estate investments!

  • Invest in business acquisitions, housing development, and other investment initiatives

  • Choose between two main types of loans; project financing or rental properties

  • Make safe investments - SKF always lend responsibly and has a strong security architecture

How SKF works

Before you have the opportunity to invest in SKF’s loans, they go through a rigorous vetting process. This means that SaveLend reviews SKF by, for example, their historical loan portfolio, expected loan volumes, and that they follow good lending practices. Based on this review, SKF has been approved and given the opportunity to publish loans on SaveLend's platform.

From need to investment opportunity - in four steps:

  • Step 1

    A property owner wants to develop and renovate an apartment complex but does not have sufficient capital. Therefore, the property owner contacts SKF to borrow capital.

  • Step 2

    SKF reviews the loan application from the company. If it meets SKF's requirements, it is approved.

  • Step 3

    SKF publishes the loan on SaveLend's platform. Investors at SaveLend get the opportunity to invest in these loans.

  • Step 4

    The borrower repays the principal and interest to SaveLend's investors. This is how you get your return!

Start investing with SKF

Find out more about SKF?

For more information about SKF and our collaboration with them, you can download their brochure (in Swedish) below. In the brochure, you can read about the development of the loan market, the loan process, and statistics on mediated loans.

SaveLend - About our credit intermediary SKF

Questions and answers about SKF

Here you can find information and common questions and answers regarding SKF.
  • SKF was started in 2018 by the founders of Svensk Ränteförvaltning (Swedish interest management company). SKF brings together companies and individuals with excess liquidity, enabling companies to borrow capital for investments, company acquisitions, housing developments, and more.

    This way, lenders join forces to ensure that the loan's security and other collateral is reasonable, and that the loan is executed according to correct valuations and market conditions

  • The risks associated with lending capital to companies are managed by SKF through careful due diligence, as well as through an extensive security architecture with mortgages on properties and shares, loan ceilings, sureties, and other guarantees.

  • SaveLend's former board member Alexander Lidén is a partner at SKF with 27% of the shares. SaveLend's CEO Ludwig Pettersson is also a partner in SKF with 15% of the shares.

    Neither Ludwig nor Alexander was involved in the decision to accept SKF as a connect lending company. SaveLend's Board of Directors has developed in-depth routines for how the company handles transactions with affiliated companies, based on potential conflicts of interest.

  • SaveLend's credit committee, or in this case; the board credit committee, decides which of SKF’s loans get published on the platform. When a deeper technical integration has been finalized, the investor will get a chance to be included in the documentation and in the decision-making. This is done in order for the investor to make the best possible choice for themselves.

  • In this (Swedish) interview with Nils Revvik, CEO of SKF, we talked about the company's operations in general, the loans that are issued, and much more.

    Listen to the full interview here.

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