Treyd is a financial institution registered with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Through Treyd, investors on SaveLend's platform gain access to import financing, a new type of loan on the investment platform where capital is used to free up working capital for fast-growing import companies.

The average investment per loan with Treyd is SEK 335,000, but with SaveLend you join forces with other investors on the platform to cover the capital requirement together. In this way, the concentration risk in each credit is also limited.

This is an opportunity to invest in corporate loans with a short duration that provides good conditions for continuous cash flow at your SaveLend depository.

  • Invest in short-term import financing loans

  • Finance the timeperiod from finished production to sales for fast-growing import companies

  • Invest safely - Treyd has a comprehensive credit rating model and historically small credit losses

This is how Treyd works

Before you have the opportunity to invest in a import financing loan, both SaveLend and the lender, in this instance Treyd, go through several steps. Among other things, this includes SaveLend reviewing Treyd by, for example, examning its historical credit portfolio, expected volumes and that they follow good lending practice. Based on this review, Treyd has been approved as an external lending company on the investment platform.

The four steps from need to investment opportunity:
  • Step 1

    An import company has ordered goods and sends an application to Treyd for help with financing the goods from the time production is completed until the goods are delivered to the importer and can be sold.

  • Step 2

    Treyd, which is one of SaveLend's reviewed and approved lending companies, reviews the application from the company. If the loan application meets Treyd's requirements, it will be approved.

  • Step 3

    Treyd publishes the import financing loan on SaveLend's platform. Investors at SaveLend have the opportunity to invest in the loan.

  • Step 4

    The importer repays principal and interest to SaveLend's investors. This is how you get your return!

Start investing in Treyd

Find out more about Treyd?

Click the button below to visit Treyds' website where you can read more about their offer, what their customers think about the service and take part in frequently asked questions and answers about import financing.

SaveLend - About our credit intermediary Treyd

Questions and answers about Treyd

Here you can find common questions and answers regarding Treyd.
  • Treyd was founded at the end of 2019 with the vision that companies that trade in physical goods should be able to grow as fast as those that offer digital services.

    Treyd is a buy now, pay later service for international supply chains. By paying their customers' supplier invoices and letting them pay up to 120 days later, they help free up important working capital that enables continued high growth rates for import companies.

  • The risks associated with lending money to companies are managed by Treyd through a carefully developed lending model based on the company's financial position and external rating data. The model places special emphasis on companies' ability to convert their current assets into cash. Treyd looks at how creditworthy the company is assessed by external parties, but also delves into the company's working capital, short-term liabilities against short-term receivables, as the loans granted are for a maximum of 120 days.

  • The collaboration between SaveLend Group and Treyd has been ongoing since the spring of 2020 when Treyd sold its first invoices via the invoicing platform Billecta, a SaveLend Group subsidiary. This means that Treyd's import financing loans have been available on the investment platform with double control, both Treyd's own and SaveLend's credit control. This process is a way for SaveLend to connect new lending companies in a carefully controlled way as it provides a test period where SaveLend has full insight into which loans are approved and financed on the platform. In this way, SaveLend has been able to ensure the quality of both loan and Treyd's loan processes.

  • After an extensive test period where SaveLend has reviewed Treyd's processes and monitored all import financing loans that were approved, Treyd's model has been shown to be of such good quality that they have been launched as a partner lending company. This means that import financing loans are available as a loan type on the investment platform.

    Initially, all loans covered by insurance will be approved automatically on the platform, other import financing loans will go through SaveLend's credit committee.

  • Treyd is aimed at fast-growing product companies and is best suited for companies that buy and sell finished goods, have good growth potential and an annual financial statement with sales of SEK 2,000,000 or more. The type of products that customers import varies, it can be anything from electronics to clothing. The common denominator is that these are actual products produced in one country and to be distributed in another. In the supply chain, from finished product to sale, Treyd helps free up working capital for its customers. They do this by financing the supplier invoice for the products and giving up to 120 days payment time to the importer.

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