Connecting institutional investors with marketplace lenders without all the shenanigans.

We’ve gained a real credit investing edge so you don’t need to

We’re first and foremost a tech company

We’ve always emphasized the tech stack and this has given us a competitive advantage and measurable risk management capabilities. We offer institutional investors tailored solutions and real-time credit capital markets access in Europe and beyond

We offer risk-adjusted returns that are unmatched

We don’t use convoluted and unnecessary structures. We aim for purity in the transaction. We apply advanced analytical procedures and help you optimize your portfolio, maximizing returns and minimizing defaults.

Granularity in scale is the name of our game

Our individualized investor dashboard allows you to define your eligibility criteria on a granular level. We then use that to scale your needs on a Pan-European level to deliver you the volumes you need


  • Just focus on what you do best: build a stellar MPL platform and invest in relationships with your borrowers. We find the investors for you
  • We don’t use complicated structures that eat into your cost of capital. No unjustified fees
  • We only onboard you once. That’s it. After that we make sure you have direct conversations with a diverse set of qualified institutional investors from all around the world
  • We package your loans with similar loans from across Europe and beyond to deliver what investors need
  • We’re proud to have tech capabilities more advanced than others currently available in the market
  • We have an easy solution to connect you with our existing retail investors. We are rapidly growing our retail investor base across Europe
  • Integrity is the most important quality we have. We make no false promises. The agreements we draft with our partners reflect this. We’re regulated by the Swedish FSA

Institutional Investors

  • We’ve invested in relationships with the leading originators in Europe, North America, and beyond. We can structure deals for you that produce unbeatable yields while ensuring we select asset classes not correlated with volatile markets
  • We have a rigorous due diligence process that all partner originators must undergo. This allows you to:
  • invest in multiple jurisdictions and asset classes without compromising quality
  • easily select your investment criteria on our platform and let us do the rest
  • Consult with our in-house risk-assessment and legal teams to resolve any cross-border compliance issues that may arise in the multinational deals we structure for you
  • Transaction/deal optimization & packaging delivered just the way you need hassle free
  • As an institutional investor, your needs are specific to your organization. We build a custom dashboard for you where we make investing and monitoring your credit portfolio as easy as owning stocks. Our digital reports provide far more data elements than any other platform that tries to get in between you and the originators.
  • We make sure you have the granularity you need and deliver the ticket sizes that are necessary for your portfolios.
  • Integrity is the most important quality we have. We make no false promises. The agreements we draft with our partners reflect this. We’re regulated by the Swedish FSA

Retail Investors

  • Invest in multiple currencies, countries, and asset classes