Your money should work for you, not the other way around. Start investing in loans to get the most out of your money! 

With our platform, you can create an automated as well as risk-adjusted investment portfolio with an opportunity for a stable return and regular repayments.

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  • 9,04 % return on invested capital over the last 12 months

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    (April 1 - June 30, 2022)

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    (June 30, 2022)

  • 9,04 %

    (September 21 - August 22)

SaveLend - Money shouldn't sleep

From loan to investment opportunity

SaveLend is an investment platform where individuals and companies can invest in peer-to-peer loans (also called P2P or peer-2-peer lending). This means that your investments finance other individuals’ and companies’ loans. In return, you receive interest on the loans you've invested in.

SaveLend allows you to:

  • Use our recommended automatic investment settings…
  • ... or tailor your own investment strategy to meet your specific goals
  • Choose between one-time deposits of any amount or automated monthly deposits
  • Invest in different types of loans, ranging from rental property loans to corporate loans and consumer loans
  • Reinvest your return in new loans or transfer it to your bank account


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Why you should invest in loans with SaveLend

Investing in loans is becoming increasingly popular - and it's easy to understand why! Here are three good reasons to invest in loans with SaveLend:

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    Stable return

    9,04 % return on invested capital over the last 12 months.
  • medal

    The perfect complement

    If you already have other investments, for example in equities or real estate, investments in loans are excellent for balancing your portfolio and managing risk.
  • riskspridning

    Risk diversification

    When investing in P2P loans with SaveLend, your capital is invested in hundreds of different loans. This helps you manage risks even further.
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About SaveLend

SaveLend was launched in 2014 with the goal of giving the public at large the same opportunity to do what the big banks have done for hundreds of years: earn interest and make money by investing in loans. This type of investment was previously only available to a selected few, but now, through so-called peer-2-peer loans, it is available to everyone. 

Through our platform, thousands of investors and borrowers are connected. On one hand, our investors get the opportunity to increase their capital by investing in a variety of loan types with diverse maturities, interest rates, and risk levels. As for the borrowers, our platform enables companies to finance growth and individuals to fulfill their dreams.

Since 2014, we have mediated investments in more than 134 500 loans and paid out in excess of 3 million EUR to our investors in interest.

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    Safer investments

    SaveLend has a Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority license to provide payment services and originate consumer loans.
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    Choose what you invest in

    Choose between several different asset classes - ranging from corporate loans, consumer loans, factoring, real estate projects, and more.
  • check

    High-quality loans

    Before an originator can publish loans on our platform, they are submitted to a rigorous vetting process. This includes reviewing historical loan portfolios, ensuring that ethical lending practices are followed and more. If the originator meets our strict requirements, they are then able to publish loans for investment on our platform.
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