Feedback & Complaints

Do you have any feedback for us? Help us get better by sharing your thoughts and experiences about our platform! You can reach us by contacting our customer service via our chat, phone, or email.

Complaint manager

If you for some reason feel that our customer service is unable to provide the support you seek, you are welcome to contact our complaint manager directly and we promise to respond as soon as possible.

If we are not able to respond directly, you will be notified regarding when you can expect an answer.

The complaint manager at SaveLend has an obligation to investigate your complaint and analyze what measures can be taken within the company to avoid similar problems in the future. The person responsible for complaints will inform the employees that are affected by the complaint, and inform them about the measures that need to be taken to avoid similar situations.

Complaints form for crowdfunding services

Contact the complaint manager by mail or email:

  • Email

    Write "Attn: Complaint manager" in the subject line.

  • Mail

    SBL Finans AB, Attn: Complaint manager

    Kammakargatan 7, 111 40 Stockholm