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  • 8,12 % average return on invested capital over the last 12 months

  • Diversify your investment portfolio

  • Automate your investments with monthly deposits or make one-time-deposits

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See how your savings can grow

With our savings calculator, you can see how your savings can grow when your money is put to work on SaveLends platform. Adjust the parameters start amount, monthly savings, and savings horizon to see how your capital can change over time. The calculation is based on the platform's average return on invested capital over the past 12 months.
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SaveLend - Why should I choose SaveLend?

Why should I choose SaveLend?

SaveLend gives you a unique opportunity to invest in the increasingly popular peer-2-peer loan market. We offer a wide range of loan types for the opportunity to increase your risk diversification and tailor your portfolio.

  • Choose which asset class you want to invest in, and how much you want to invest in each individual loan
  • Our algorithms automatically invests your money into different loans based on your selected investment settings
  • Reinvest your return in new loans or transfer it to your bank account
  • Your investments help fund growth for businesses and citizens alike

We strive for everyone who invests with us to have good opportunities to put their money to work, for example by using machine learning to distribute investment opportunities among our investors. This means that if your money is lent to a lower degree than the platform average, you will automatically be given priority and have access to more investment opportunities.

Who is involved in the process?

From the moment a loan is published for investment on SaveLend’s platform, to the moment investors receive their returns, four parties are involved:

  • Borrower

    A company or an individual in need of financing, for example, to buy a car or renovate an apartment complex. The borrower reaches out to the lending company.
  • Lending company

    One of SaveLend's reviewed and approved lending companies reviews the loan application from the borrower. If the application meets the lending company's requirements, it is paid out and an investment opportunity is published on SaveLend's platform.
  • SaveLend

    A digital marketplace for loans, where lending companies publish loans that investors are given the opportunity to invest in.
  • Investor This is you!

    Uses SaveLend to invest in loans. The borrower repays the amortization and interest to SaveLend's investors. This is how you get your return!

Chose what to invest in!

We offer investments in different types of loans to give our customers a wide range of diversified investment opportunities. Choose between investments in, among other things, consumer loans, company loans, factoring, debt collection portfolios, and real estate investments.

With the help of our investment algorithm, your invested capital is spread out into hundreds of different loans, but you are of course free to customize your investment strategy and invest only in the loan types you are interested in.

SaveLend - Invest with SaveLend

Automate investments with SmartInvest

Our investment engine SmartInvest automatically invests your deposited money into loans based on settings such as asset class, country of origin, and maturities. SmartInvest thereby ensures that your capital is automatically reinvested so that your money doesn’t sleep.

SmartInvest helps you:

  • Automatically diversify your portfolio
  • Earn compound interest on your invested capital
  • Invest continuously without you having to do anything

How much should you invest?

Investments in loans should be a natural part of every investment portfolio in order to diversify and have an opportunity for a stable return. How much you choose to invest on our platform is of course up to you; but our recommendation is to invest at least 200 EUR as a first deposit, as this gives our investment algorithm enough capital to invest into hundreds of loans.

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SaveLend - How do I deposit or withdraw money?

How do I deposit money and make withdrawals?

After you've created your SaveLend account, you can easily deposit money by either making a one-time deposit or investing monthly with automated deposits, where money will be transferred automatically from your bank to your SaveLend depot each month.

You can withdraw uninvested money from your SaveLend depot to your bank account at any time.

You can also liquidate invested capital by using our secondary market and selling your investments to other investors for a fee. You can always choose whether you want to reinvest your capital, or transfer it to your bank account.

Safer investments with SaveLend

All investments involve risks, regardless of how or what you invest in. However, how much risk an individual investment entails depends on many different factors; for example, whether it is shares or mutual funds, what proportion of your total capital is invested, how it differs from your other investments or the investment's underlying collateral.

For you as an investor to succeed, it is important to understand what risks exist and how you mitigate these. Of course, this also applies to investments at SaveLend. Therefore, we have collected risks associated with both investments specifically at SaveLend and in general, as well as how they can be managed or mitigated, on one and the same page. This gives you the opportunity to invest more safely.

SaveLend - Invest safer with SaveLend

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